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Finalists 2019

Mr PE uberMANn

On June 8th a new Sun Boardwalk Mr PE UberMANn will be chosen to represent the young men of the Nelson Mandela Metro in 2019. This prestigious title, in its sixteenth consecutive year, has increasingly grown in stature since its inception in 2002. The gala event is an undisputable highlight on the social calendar of the Eastern Cape.

A Role Model

The 2019 titleholder will support two charitable organizations. Domestic Animal Care and Khayalethu will benefit from fundraising events organised by the Mr. PE brand. The Sun Boardwalk Mr. PE UberMANn 2019 will be responsible to garner pro- active community involvement and corporate social responsibility support for these chosen charities.

For the first time…

The Sun Boardwalk Mr PE uberMANn campaign has a proud record of active involvement in social investment programs in Port Elizabeth and environs. From this year onwards, Heinz In Style Mademoiselle will join him to make a difference and to leave a footprint in the community at large.

Inspiration in Action