Mr PE uberMANn | Finalists – 2018 – Junior UberMANn
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Name: Duaan Beer

Nickname: Duaan

Age: 16

Occupation: Scholar

Hobbies: Online gaming, socialising, gym

Sport: Rugby and Cricket

Instagram: @duaan_beer

Role Model: Jean de Villiers

Charity: Any animal anti-cruelty campaign

Motto: Your mind is either your biggest motivator or your biggest breaker

Food: Pasta, steak and fish

Drink: Coffee and water

Movie: Fate of the Furious 8

Actor: Channing Tatum

Actress: Angelina Jolie

Book: Lord of the Flies

Music: RNB and Pop

Color: Wit

Transport: “Dad’s Taxi”

Holiday Destination: Cape Town

Name: Johann Meyer

Nickname: Nn’e

Age: 18

Occupation: Scholar

Hobbies: Socialising, motorcycle, adventures, card tricks, gaming, guitar

Sport: Gym, athletics, chess, squash, cycling

Instagram: @meyer_johann

Role Model: Elon Musk

Charity: CANSA, EP Children’s Home

Motto: Feel the fear and do it anyway

Food: Sushi

Drink: Chai Latté

Movie: Sword of a Stranger

Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch

Actress: Scarlett Johansson

Book: Young Samurai

Music: Chester See, Jo Black

Color: Acqua

Transport: Motorcycle

Holiday Destination: Japan

Name: Joy Nyakabawu

Nickname: Razor

Age: 19

Occupation: Male model at Extreme Models and Promotions

Hobbies: Gyming and eating

Sport: Long distance running

Instagram: @razor_rain

Role Model: My grandfather

Charity: Animal Charity

Motto: Never judge a book by its cover

Food: Pork chop

Drink: Grape juice

Movie: Fast and Furious 8

Actor: Calvin Hearts

Actress: Angelina Jolie

Book: Tsotsi

Music: Classic hip-hop

Color: Blue

Transport: Car

Holiday Destination: Alaska

Name: Marco Venter


Age: 19

Occupation: Studying at NMU

Hobbies: Surfing, gym, playing piano, meeting new people

Sport: Surfing, gym


Role Model: Steve Jobs


Motto: “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” – Steve Jobs

Food: Steak, sushi, spinach, dunked wings

Drink: Strawberry milkshake, USN, Milk

Movie: Interstellar

Actor: Brad Pitt

Actress: Margot Robbie

Book: Bible, Secrets of the Supernatural World

Music: Classic, contemporary, jazz, blues, punk rock, metal, synthwave

Color: Purple

Transport: Flight

Holiday Destination: Patagonia or Swiss Alps

Name: Dylan Morgan

Nickname: None

Age: 18

Occupation: Host, Toast Master

Hobbies: Watersports, Outdoor activities


Instagram: dylansmorgan

Role Model: Elon Musk

Charity: Domestic Animal Care

Motto: Wake up, kick ass, be kind, repeat

Food: Sushi

Drink: Aloe Vera water

Movie: Fast and Furious 8

Actor: Chris Hemsworth

Actress: Scarlett Johansson

Book: Othello by William Shakespeare

Music: House, Pop

Color: Blue/White

Transport: Audi

Holiday Destination: Tsitsikama

Name: Keegan Willis

Nickname: Keegs

Age: 17

Occupation: High School student (Pearson)

Hobbies: Fitness, gym, spending time with family and friends

Sport: Tennis

Role Model: Steven Cook, Steven Gerrard


Motto: Believing in you is setting yourself up for failure. Believing in what God can do for and through you is what determines your success.

Food: Pizza

Drink: Strawberry Milkshake

Movie: Black Panther

Actor: Zac Efron

Actress: Charlize Theron

Book: Life of Pi

Music: All genres, specifically R&B

Color: Navy

Transport: Mercedes Benz

Holiday Destination: Kuzuko Lodge