Mr PE uberMANn | Finalists – 2019 – uberMANn
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Name: Christiaan De Waal

Nickname: De Waal

Age: 20

Occupation: Student

Hobbies: Gym, hiking, cooking

Sport: Bodybuilding

Instagram: @christiaan.dewaal

Role Model: Chris Bumstead

Charity: AACL

Motto: “Everything is always impossible until someone does it.”

Food: Prawns

Drink: Pineapple juice

Movie: Fury

Actor: Kevin Hart



Music: House, deep house

Color: Blue

Transport: Motorbike

Holiday Destination: Switzerland

Season: Winter


TV Shows: Modern family, Vikings, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Name: Chad Durrheim

Nickname: Chadels

Age: 26

Occupation: Biokineticist

Hobbies: Fishing, cooking, snorkelling

Sport: Hockey

Instagram: @chad_durrheim

Role Model: My mother

Charity: Sweethearts Foundation | Wheelchair donation

Motto: “It does not matter how often you fall down, but how often you can get up.”

Food: Italian cuisine

Drink: Coffee

Movie: The Shawshank Redemption

Actor: Johnny Depp

Actress: Keira Knightley

Book: The Great Gatsby

Music: Linkin Park, Milky Chance

Color: Black

Transport: Boat

Holiday Destination: Netherlands

Season: Spring

Tattoos: Believe

TV Shows: Friends, Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones

Name: Garth Ellis


Age: 27

Occupation: Teacher (High School)

Hobbies: Running, gym, outdoors

Sport: Athletics (high jump)

Instagram: @garthellis_

Role Model: Richie McCaw, my mother

Charity: Isithembiso Babies Home

Motto: The greatest victory in life is rising everytime you fall

Food: Butter chicken

Drink: Water

Movie: Creed

Actor: Jason Statham


Book: Dale Carnigie “How to win a friend and influence people”

Music: Hip hop, Reggae music

Color: Grey

Transport: Audi A3 Sport

Holiday Destination: Portuguese Island – Mozambique

Name: Craig Falconer

Nickname: None

Age: 26

Occupation: Bar manager

Hobbies: Scouts, rovers, anything outdoors

Sport: Cricket, rugby

Instagram: @cr.fal

Role Model: Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scout Movement

Charity: Save-A-Pet

Motto: “You have the vision, you have the job.”

Food: Pizza, burgers, steak

Drink: Craft beer

Movie: Any Marvel movies

Actor: Chris Hemsworth


Book: Dan Brown’s Inferno

Music: Anything from modern classical to heavy metal

Color: Green

Transport: Own car

Holiday Destination: Oman

Season: Summer

Tattoos: None

TV Shows: Game of Thrones, Vikings, Lucifer, any Marvel series

Name: Christian Frederic

Nickname: Chrissie

Age: 18

Occupation: Sports massage therapist

Hobbies: Content creating, video-editing, hiking, cooking, fitness

Sport: Rugby, athletics

Instagram: @christian_tyler09

Role Model: Zac Perna (fitness model)

Charity: EP Children’s Home

Motto: “Always lead with passion, not power.”

Food: McDonalds

Drink: Captain Morgan Spice Gold

Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy

Actor: Dwayne Johnson

Actress: Jennifer Anniston

Book: Life of Pi

Music: Trap, pop, rap

Color: Lime green

Transport: 1975 VW Beetle

Holiday Destination: Thailand

Season: Summer

Tattoos: On both my wrists

TV Shows: Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, Big Bang Theory

Name: Matthew Harris

Nickname: Matt

Age: 18

Occupation: BCom General Management 1st Year

Hobbies: Exercise, hiking, food

Sport: Waterpolo

Instagram: @_matthewharris_

Role Model: Jock Harris

Charity: A charity that provides for the youth

Motto: “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.”

Food: All of it

Drink: Jameson on the rocks

Movie: Rocky

Actor: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Actress: Jennifer Aniston

Book: The Greatest Salesman in the World

Music: Bob Marley

Color: Black

Transport: Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Holiday Destination: Jeffrey’s Bay

Season: Winter


TV Shows: Impractical Jokers

Name: Casper Lötter

Nickname: Cassie

Age: 20

Occupation: Student

Hobbies: Fishing, hinting, gaming, coaching

Sport: Athletics (sprinting)

Instagram: @casperjlotter1

Role Model: Yohan Blake, Chris Hemsworth

Charity: Khulasande Sports Development

Motto: “Willpower knows no limits.”

Food: Steak, medium rare

Drink: Mango juice

Movie: Eddie the Eagle

Actor: Chris Hemsworth

Actress: Charlize Theron

Book: Harry Potter series

Music: Everything except opera

Color: Blue

Transport: 1967 Ford GT 350 V8 Auto Mustang

Holiday Destination: Cusco, Peru

Season: Summer


TV Shows: Game of Thrones, Vikings, Friends, Flash

Name: Nkosinathi-Mazantsana

Nickname: Nkosi

Age: 21

Occupation: Student in IT Support Services at NMU

Hobbies: Swimming, gym, running, playing pool

Sport: Rugby and squash

Instagram: @nathi_mazantsana

Role Model: I am my own role model

Charity: Motherwell Care Centre and AWS

Motto: “Life is not about following other people’s footsteps, rather it is about creating your own.”

Food: Pasta, braai, pizza

Drink: Orange juice, apple juice

Movie: Twilight series, Night School

Actor: Themba Indaba, Shona Ferguson, Idris Elba, Chris Hemsworth

Actress: Connie Ferguson, Zandile Msutwana, Melissa McCarthy, Zoë Saldana

Book: The President’s Keepers,Fifty Shades of Grey, Animal Farm

Music: RnB, Pop, Jazz, Hip-Hop

Color: Blue

Transport: Car and plane

Holiday Destination:

Season: Winter

Tattoos: Small infinity sign merged with crown

TV Shows: The Queen, Top Gear, National Geographic, Disney

Name: Quinton Rudman

Nickname: “Q”

Age: 26

Occupation: High school teacher

Hobbies: Photography, cooking and my superbike

Sport: Social tennis and golf

Instagram: @quinton_jamie_rudman

Role Model: My father

Charity: Rhino Foundation

Motto: “I’m a simplistic person.”

Food: Fillet steak

Drink: Bells Whiskey

Movie: Pearl Harbour

Actor: Paul Walker

Actress: Selena Gomez

Book: The Great Gatsby

Music: Drum and Bass

Color: Blue

Transport: Ferrari 458 Italia

Holiday Destination: Miami Beach

Season: Winter

Tattoos: Chest piece

TV Shows: Top Gear, Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones

Name: Nicholas Kevin Smith

Nickname: Nick or Kev

Age: 23

Occupation: Intern Pharmacist

Hobbies: Touch rugby, reading, wake-boarding

Sport: Running, rugby, gym

Instagram: @nicholaskevinsmith

Role Model: My parents

Charity: NGO/NPO aiding rape survivors

Motto: “Live by integrity and do kind to all.”

Food: Burgers, ribs, sushi, pizza

Drink: Lemon ice tea, Grapetiser

Movie: Harry Potter, When the Game Stands Tall

Actor: Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Zac Efron

Actress: Julianne Hough, Jennifer Aniston

Book: Thinking, Fast and Slow, Harry Potter

Music: Pop, contemporary RnB, folk rock, hip-hop

Color: Green

Transport: Plane

Holiday Destination: Australia, United Kingdom

Season: Spring

Tattoos: Those with a deep rooted meaning

TV Shows: Friends, Masterchef, The Big Bang Theory

Name: Louis Swart


Age: 25

Occupation: Online interviewer

Hobbies: Ballroom dancing, modelling, fitness

Sport: Ballroom dancing

Instagram: @louis.swart

Role Model: Arnold Schwarzenneger

Charity: Domestic Animal Care

Motto: “Never Give Up!”

Food: Spaghetti Bolognaise

Drink: Water

Movie: Limitless

Actor: Tom Hardy

Actress: Margot Robbie

Book: The Alchemist

Music: Pop music

Color: Green

Transport: My Polo, Privilege

Holiday Destination: Rome, Italy

Season: Winter


TV Shows: Game of Thrones

Name: Jeandre van Ghent

Nickname: van Ghent

Age: 22

Occupation: Kempston Logistics Specialist

Hobbies: Weight training, outdoors

Sport: Rugby

Instagram: @ jeandrevanghent

Role Model: Handré Pollard

Charity: CHOC

Motto: “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

Food: Potato bake en steak

Drink: Castle Lite

Movie: Homefront

Actor: Jason Statham

Actress: Cameron Diaz

Book: The Alchemist

Music: Afrikaans

Color: Blue

Transport: Golf 7 GTi

Holiday Destination: Bora Bora, Island in French Polynesia

Season: Winter

Tattoos: On the left of my rib-cage

TV Shows: Geordie Shore